About Me

JaaRo Massage is an independently run therapeutic massage business in Portland, Oregon.  It's a personal challenge sent to myself to improve the understanding of my body and health, and bring awareness to those aspects of my life.  Along the way I discovered this wasn't only about me, but about the entire community and people I live with in this world.


My name is Jesse Robinson and I've lived in the Pacific Northwest here in Portland, Oregon all my life.  September 2013 all the way to December 2014 was the beginning of a new journey in my life, where I studied massage at East West College of the Healing Arts.  My training in specific massage techniques include; Structural Bodywork (Myofascial Release), Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage and an assortment of Spa Therapies.  However, we were taught more than just moves to do on a table.  It went beyond that to combine all the systems of the body, how they worked together, and what happened when they did not during sickness and disease.  Along with that, they taught us the basics on real world client centered communication and how to run a personally successful business.  I have recently been taking steps toward further developing myself and my practice by re-exploring how to run my life and what it means to be a part of this world.  As a single being in a sea of creation I have struggled, and at times it was easy to get lost, but I'm hoping to steadfast myself inside and out with new awareness of the interconnectedness between our individual mind, body and spirit and to all those around us. 


My practice is in its infancy, but the goal is to someday have a competent ability in all types of massage bodywork, and to use only what works best for my client’s needs.  The work I do is tailored for each person I meet, and what they are looking to accomplish.  While I accept all clients, my main focus is working with those seeking some form of change in their body, though you aren't required to know what you need.  I'll work along-side you to find what it is you need and how to make a change, even if that means referring you to someone more qualified.  I have a strong lean toward structural alignment work, which allows the body to re-claim their proper motions through breaking apart old patterns and chronic muscle conditions.  I hope to one day offer Spa and Essential Oil enhanced treatments, but I’m not currently set up to do so at this time.


I'm excited to be able to serve the community in such a nurturing way, and I am honored to have anyone as my client in their holistic healing practices.



JaaRo Massage

Jesse Alonzo Anthony Robinson